Welcome to USNTC

The US – Nigeria Trade Council  is dedicated to strengthening and enriching the vehicle of investment and trade between the United States of America and Nigeria. The Council provides a national forum on key economic, commercial and professional initiatives, as well as business opportunities of interest to American companies operating in or exploring business opportunities in Nigeria, as well as Nigerian companies planning trade ties and business expansion to the US Market.

Come to the 2017 US-Nigeria AgriBusiness (Non-Oil) Investment Summit scheduled for November 16-18, 2017 at the prestigious Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel, in Atlanta, GA. USA. Keynote address to be delivered by Ambassador Robin Sanders, former USA ambassador to Nigeria”. Click here for details and registration


With its extensive network and experience in Nigerian industry and commerce, the US – Nigeria Trade Council will assist to quickly identify the right suppliers and provide prompt answers to questions about Nigerian exports. The US-Nigeria Trade Council also assists US companies seeking to establish a presence, build a business model or partnerships in Nigeria, particularly in the areas of

  • Agriculture,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Real Estate,
  • Consumer goods,
  • Major infrastructure,
  • Solid minerals
  • Oil & Gas.


The US-Nigeria Trade Council aims to connect American companies with the tremendous economic opportunities Nigeria has to offer. With our extensive experience, knowledge and elaborate network, we are in a unique position to support American companies in creating and developing businesses in Nigeria. We strive to be at the forefront of creating mutually beneficial relationships between the USA and Nigeria, resulting in sustainable economic development.

Membership Commitment

The USNTC will …

  • grow its membership to expedite council activities, advocacy priorities, and trade missions.
  • Provide rich trade and networking resources to break new frontiers across US and Nigeria.
  • Participate in events and conferences addressing bilateral trade priorities, focusing on investments and intellectual property protection.
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